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ZEEN Audit

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ZEEN Audit

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Success Story

With the goal to enhance their team execution and comprehend problems in every shop from every angle, ZEEN Audit has been used by one of the world's leading FMCG brands' auditor team and sales team to collect data and audit the team performance. More Stories


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Team Performance

Perfect Execution with ZEEN

  • Perfect Execution with Powerful AI
    Thanks to our technology, most questions can be
    automatically answered by AI, helping our customers
    boost efficiency in terms of auditing speed and cost. AI Technology also prevents any possible human error and fraud.
  • Increase Data Robustness
    Gain multiple data dimensions and a deeper degree of data
    to extract the store’s insight with customizable questions and answers.
  • Real-time Result
    Receive auditing results and data anywhere in real time. Easy to access with any mobile device in your hand.

Empower your retail audit capacity within
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