“The new war in FMCG is not Price War but Data War.”

Traditional Retail Auditing
and Data Collection process is

Everyone is collecting data, but most of them are doing it in the wrong way!

Pain of Traditional Audit

High Cost

It is very expensive to outsource your audit activities or purchase data from a third party.

Slow time-to-market

Communicating to country-wide auditor team is extremely hard and take time.

Human error

Traditional methods need significant amount of manual processes. Thus, human error is inevitable.

Limited Coverage

Brands typically audit with limited store coverage; not all stores visited by salesmen have been audited.

Narrow Data Colletion

Since there are too many field works, company usually collect only few dimension of data inside the retail.


The traditional audit process can be in-transparent and prone to fraud.

Why ZEEN Audit

Brands Under Radar

Success Story

One of the world's leading FMCG brands, which has a numerous number of SKUs in various categories, has been using Zeen Audit to collect data and audit the performance of their team. Their goals are to comprehend the problem in. More Stories